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Para practicar ortografía :
24 Oct 2009
I uploaded a helpful sheet for you to review before writing an essay "conectores para escribir ensayos"

6 Dec 2009
Vocabulario para pruebas
Triangulo 2 Vocab La salud

7 Jan 2010
Please download all the GJ files.  Be advised the color ones are one packet and the black and white are a different one.  Organize by numbers per section.  We will be using them for this month with our theme.

17 Jan 2010
***DOWNLOAD THE MID YEAR READINGS** Read thoroughly and bring to class on the exam dates indicated on the sheets. Nor Ms. Olmedo nor  I will not be answering any questions with regard to the reading selections.  Both AP courses will be taking completely different exams.  Your essay topics and reading selections are different.
*** I RELOADED THE PAGES ON TO THE SITE, it should print clearer. ***

FEBRUARY BREAK VACATION WORK- You only need to print pages 2-5 the rest are ads and lesson planning proposal.  You can ignore that =)

27 Feb 10 Guia de estudio ACTO 2 - LORCA

16 Apr 10
Lectura La muñeca menor & COMPLETE the Estructura Narrativa (don't forget there is another hw assignment check your calendar! )  Be advised the ñ is not accepted by  the system when you upload so the name appears as La mu_eca menor.

Read the story in its entirety first, try to complete the Estructura Narrativa I created a quizlet word bank for La muñeca menor which you SHOULD use after to review points of the story.  THIS IS A READING COMPREHENSION PIECE USED IN LAST YEARS AP LANGUAGE EXAM.

** I DID NOT RECEIVE AN OUTLINE FROM THE ARGENTINA GROUP THEREFORE I CAN'T POST ANYTHING ABOUT ARGENTINA ALTHOUGH YOU ARE ALL STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR IT **  I mentioned so many times to take notes because the final would come from here and you all saw me writing away...

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