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All homework and course related announcements for FC1-2, FC3-4 and FCX for 2011-2012 school year will be posted on

Animated storke order for frequently used characters
Chinese character entry on Wiki
Chinese for the 21st Century L3S1
Students' video project of recording the first year Chinese textbook, Chinese for the 21st Century!
dragonwise project@hku
educational exchange program - China Institute
educational exchange program - Glimpses of China
educational exchange program -CIEE
Learn To Read Chinese Characters
NEOCHA Next player
Chinese Indie Music Player
Royalty-Free Music
Traditional vs Simplified Characters
漢語拼音歌 Hanyu Pinyin Ge flv (youtube)
漢語拼音歌 Hanyu Pinyin Ge realmedia (downloadable)

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