Staff Position Email
Nora Barmess Guidance Counselor
Margie Bernardini Secretary
Ralph Elia Guidance Counselor
Sheree Ferguson Guidance Counselor
Ellen Fisher Co-Director of the College Office
Ms. Lauren Hunter Guidance Counselor
Maggie Lau Guidance Counselor
Denise Longano Guid. Counselor/College Advisor
Darby McHugh Co-Director of the College Office/Guidance Counselor
Ada Mercado Secretary
Jacole Mills Guidance Counselor
Andrew Nasser Assistant Principal - Pupil Personnel Services
Vivien Ngai Guidance Counselor
Ashrafee Rahman Guidance Counselor
Barbara Rivera-Berger SAPIS
Moraydda Rosado Guidance Counselor
Sandra Smith Guidance Counselor
Thabaly Villavicencio Guidance Counselor

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