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All students will take makeup examinations. Students will receive credit for makeup examinations based on the following criteria:

  1. The first legitimate absence from an in-class unit examination requires a parental note for the student to receive full credit for a makeup exam.
  2. The second legitimate absence for exam in same class requires a parental note. The teacher will bring the situation to the attention of the assistant principal.
  3. The third legitimate absence for exam in same class requires a parental note. The assistant principal will bring it to the principal who will make the decision.
Any student who cuts an exam will not be given credit for the makeup exam.


All students who miss uniform exams will receive a makeup.
  1. Students with a doctor's note, documenting a medical condition, will receive credit out of 100%.
  2. Decisions regarding other excuses will be made on a case-by-case basis, with parental note. However, without medical documentation, the highest grade the student can receive is 70%.

Note: All parent and doctor notes are kept on file for 6 years.
Parents must call the attendance office to report student absences: 718-817-7762


Students who are absent for a Regents examination will take a departmental make-up exam before the end of the term and be required to take the Regents exam the next time is offered.

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