Alumni Hall of Fame
Samuel R. Delany '60

Science-fiction novelist Samuel Delany is renowned for his highly imaginative works that address racial and social issues. Delany published his first novel, The Jewels of Aptor, at the young age of nineteen. He went on to publish Babel-17 (1966), the novel that helped him establish his place in the writing world. This novel earned Delany his first Nebula Award. Only a year later, Delany was awarded two more Nebula Awards for The Einstein Intersection and Aye. Delany is best known for his ability to address important current issues in the form of science-fiction writing. As his writing matured, he addressed more serious topics. Dhalgren (1975) followed a bisexual man on a path to find his place in the world, while Triton (1976) followed a character who underwent a sex-change operation. Delany is now a professor of Comparative Writing at the University of Massachusetts.

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