Lacrosse Boys Varsity
Coach: Barton Allen
Email Address:



Total Official Roster:27
NumNameClassPositionDate Entered
5 ASHRAF , TAMIM SeniorMidfield03/12/2018
35CHEN , BENSON JuniorDefense03/12/2018
31FATZINGER , ERIK SophomoreDefense03/12/2018
9 GAO , KEVIN JuniorAttack03/12/2018
13GILFILLAN , RYAN JuniorMidfield03/12/2018
32KAZMI , ZAKARIA SophomoreAttack03/12/2018
15LEE , BENJAMIN SophomoreAttack03/12/2018
8 LEE , BRANDEN JuniorMidfield03/12/2018
19MCCARTHY , AIDAN JuniorMidfield03/12/2018
1 MCCARTHY , TIMOTHY FreshmanAttack03/12/2018
28MEHRAN , SYED SophomoreDefense03/12/2018
14MOAZZAM , ANAS SophomoreMidfield03/12/2018
33NESBIT , WILSON JuniorGoalie03/12/2018
30NESMITH , NICHOLAS JuniorDefense03/12/2018
26NOVITZ , MILO SophomoreAttack/Mid03/12/2018
6 SAMAREL , JARED JuniorAttack03/12/2018
10SECULAR , MAXWELL SeniorAttack03/12/2018
3 SNYDER , JAMES SeniorAttack/Midfield03/12/2018
16SUDOLSKY , BRIAN JuniorDefense03/12/2018
17SUH , DANIEL JuniorMidfield03/12/2018
22TANG , ZHENG YANG SophomoreMidfield03/13/2018
11TESORO , VICTOR SeniorDefense03/12/2018
20TORRES , SEBASTIAN SeniorDefense03/12/2018
23TSIOLAS , ERIC FreshmanMidfield/Goalie03/12/2018
2 YE , RONG FENG JuniorMidfield03/12/2018
25YUN , DUSTIN JuniorMidfield03/12/2018
38ZAMAN , TAMJID JuniorGoalie03/12/2018

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