Basketball Boys Varsity
Coaches Information-
Bart Allen


NumNameClassPositionDate Entered
15BOHNER , JASON JuniorForward11/20/2018
24CATRY , KYLE JuniorForward11/20/2018
13CHEN , BENSON SeniorForward11/20/2018
25DENHAM , NATHAN SophomoreGuard/Forward11/20/2018
10FRIEDMANN , MAXWELL JuniorGuard11/20/2018
12GOLDSMITH , JAKE SeniorForward11/20/2018
11GREENBERG , JOSHUA JuniorGuard11/20/2018
1 HALPERN , ALEXANDER SophomoreGuard11/20/2018
23HASIN , SHEIKH SeniorForward11/20/2018
2 ISRAELEVITZ , ADAM SeniorGuard11/20/2018
4 KONTOPOULOS , GEORGE JuniorGuard11/20/2018
21LEE , TAEYONG SeniorGuard11/20/2018
22SHARMA , AKAASH JuniorFoward11/20/2018
14SUDOLSKY , BRIAN SeniorGuard11/20/2018


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