Baseball Varsity
Coaches Information- Chris Dahlem



13BURKE , PATRICK SeniorOF03/15/2018
33CATRY , KYLE SophomoreOF03/15/2018
35CHAN , JUSTIN JuniorOF03/15/2018
30CHO , JASON SeniorINF03/15/2018
3 DONOHOE , PATRICK SophomoreINF/C03/15/2018
43DOSHI , HRIDAY SeniorINF03/15/2018
34EISENMAN , ROBERT SophomoreINF/OF03/15/2018
2 FICHTL , DANIEL JuniorINF03/15/2018
11FINE , ZEKE SeniorOF03/15/2018
31KATSELNIK , OLIVER SophomoreC03/15/2018
5 KRAVITZ , NOAH SeniorOF03/15/2018
12MATLOVSKY , SAMUEL FreshmanINF03/15/2018
40MCLAUGHLIN , MATTHEW SeniorINF03/15/2018
4 MILLER , MICHAEL SeniorOF03/15/2018
7 OESTERICHER , DANIEL SeniorINF03/15/2018
8 RAMNARAYAN , SATRUHON JuniorOF03/15/2018
28ROCKE , JACKSON SeniorINF03/15/2018
17RODRIGUEZ , JEFFREY SophomoreOF03/15/2018
23SILVERMAN , LOUIS SeniorOF03/15/2018
6 TURCOTTI , DANIEL FreshmanINF03/15/2018
18WHALEY , SAMUEL FreshmanC/INF03/15/2018

14WONG , JOSEPH JuniorOF03/15/2018
24ZIMMERMAN , EZRA SeniorINF03/15/2018

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