Current/Accepted Students

What are some key services that Bronx Science provides for students?

Click here for information

I have been accepted to Bronx Science, however I haven't been on a tour of the school. Will you offer any other tours?

We will have an open house for accepted students and their parents/guardians once students have been notified of their results in March.

What is the procedure to follow if a student is absent?

Visit the Attendance Office website for procedures to follow if you are absent and to download the Absence Form

What is the procedure if a student needs to leave school early on a particular day?

Student needs to complete an Out of Building (OB) pass that has been signed by the parent/guardian. The OB pass must be handed in to Mrs. Scipioni in Room 029 before the student's first period class on the day the student needs to leave early. To download and print out the OB pass, click here

How do I contact the School Nurse and where is the Nurse's Office?

Click here for the Nurse's contact information. The nurse's office is located in room 049

How can I find out who my guidance counselor is?

Click here to see the list of Official Class Assignments by counselor - incoming students will be assigned a counselor once school begins.

How do I replace a lost ID?

Photo I.D. cards are scanned every time students enter and exit the building (all students enter and exit through the Student Cafeteria). If students lose their photo I.D. they can get 2 free replacements; after that, they have to pay. Click here to request a replacement of a lost ID.

How does course selection work for current Bronx Science students?

Students register for their courses online using Naviance. Click here to view our current Course Guide

How does course selection work for accepted Bronx Science students?

Accepted students complete the Biographical/Academic Information Form online (the online form will become available shortly after students have been accepted into Bronx Science). In addition, accepted students will take placement and optional qualifying exams at the June orientation, which is held during the day of Chancellor's Conference Day. Students receive their list of courses at some point over the summer.

When will I receive my schedule for the new school year?

Check our website toward the end of the summer for beginning of school year information

What school supplies are needed when school begins?

Bring a pen and notebook on the first day of school. When you meet all your teachers, they will let you know which supplies are needed for each class.

How does a student obtain breakfast and lunch at Bronx Science?

Click here for Information about how the SchoolFood service works at Bronx Science. You can also view the Daily breakfast and lunch menus by clicking here

What is The New York City Department of Education's Policy on cell phones, ipods, and other communication/electronic devices (including laptops)?

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How can my parent/guardian contact me or how can I contact them during the school day in case of an emergency?

If there is an emergency and parents/guardians need to contact their child during the school day, they can contact the Parent Coordinator , their child's guidance counselor or the main office: 718-817-7700

If students need to contact their parents, they can use their cell phone in the cafeteria during their lunch period or at other times, they can use the phone in the main office (room 135) with the permission of a teacher or school staff member

How do I retrieve a confiscated electronic device?

Click here for information on how to retrieve a confiscated device

What is the Dress Code at Bronx Science?

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When does the school day begin and end (Bell Schedule)?

Click here for the our bell schedule information and information about Small Group Instruction (SGI)

Students who begin after the first period do not need to be in school until their first period class begins. Students who end before the last period of the day are allowed to leave the building once their last class/SGI has ended

All students must enter and exit the building through the cafeteria and swipe their Bronx Science ID cards

What is Small Group Instruction/SGI?

Click here to read about Small Group Instruction (SGI)

How can I find the tutoring schedules for the academic departments?

Click here to check each department's tutoring schedule

Does Bronx Science have a weekly test schedule?

Click here to view each department's weekly test schedule

What is NHS?

Click here to read about our chapter of the National Honors Society

How does a student participate in and document Community Service while at Bronx Science?

Students can volunteer in Department Offices. Stop by the Department Office and speak with the Assistant Principal

Students can volunteer in the Main Office, Guidance Office, Library etc.

To document in-school/outside of school service credit, visit the NHS website (Student Life then click on National Honor Society)

How do I find out about teams' tryouts?

Click here to visit Athletic News where you will find tryout information etc.

Does a student need to join the Bronx Science Student Organization (S.O.)?

All Bronx Science students are members of the S.O. Click here for Student Organization information

What clubs do you have at Bronx Science?

Click here for Student Organization Clubs information

How do I keep up with current Bronx Science information?

Our website is updated regularly so it is an excellent resource to keep up with current information

Check your Bronx Science email account every day:

  • All students are given an email account when they enter Bronx Science
  • Accepted students will receive their email account username and temporary password in the mail, shortly before the June orientation
  • If you need your password reset, click here during the school year - over the summer email
  • Login to your online gradebook account
  • Make sure you have registered your Naviance account
  • Make sure the Attendance Office has your latest biographical data (address, home phone, emergency contact info etc.)

How do I find information about Bronx Science computer accounts, email, Naviance, the online gradebook?

Visit the Management Information Systems (MIS) department webpages

Where is the Lost and Found?

The Lost and Found is located in the front of the student cafeteria.

How do I obtain Working Papers?

Click here for information about Working Papers and to download an application - visit the Bronx Science homepage, under "Announcements" for further information

Does Bronx Science have a summer program?

Visit our Summer School Questions?

What is Incoming Students Summer Orientation for accepted students?

A two hour orientation for students only, during the last week of August. At the orientation, incoming students will receive their locker assignments and combinations, the student handbook, meet the principal and others who can answer questions, learn how to navigate the school, become familiar with a Bronx Science program, understand Bronx Science schedules, including the first day, and receive their Bronx Science ID card

The schedule for the Incoming Students Summer Orientation will be posted on the Bronx Science website (usually in early July) and emailed to students and parents

How do I know if school has been canceled due to adverse weather conditions?

Click here for detailed information

You can also check out our Bronx Science Handbook, where you will find the answers to many of your questions

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