New York City Department of Education and School Policies Regarding Student Behavior and Responsibilities
Students are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations as set forth by the NYC DOE and The Bronx High School of Science.  Refer to the following documents for the rules and regulations:

Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy  

Please note that students bring cell phones/electronic devices to school at their own risk.

New Electronic Devices Policy for the 2015-2016 Academic Year

    • The rules governing electronic device use in the cafeteria will now apply to the rest of the school as well. Students listening to music may wear only one ear bud and may not project music through a blue tooth device or through personal speakers.
    • The electronic devices may only be used during a student's free period - not in between class periods. This policy is in effect so that the already crowded hallways aren't further impeded by students who are texting, on email, or listening to music. At all times, do not use electronic devices while walking or going up the stairs.
    • Any electronic device that is brought in to school will be used at the student's own risk. Bronx Science does not have the staff to handle inquiries into lost or stolen electronic devices.
    • This new electronic devices policy will be on a Trial Basis. If we have an increase in discipline problems, with noise in the hallways, or interference with our bandwidth, or any other unforeseen issue, we will revert back to our old electronic devices policy.
    • As usual, cell phones are banned in classrooms unless they are being used for instructional purposes at the teacher's discretion. Any student found using a cell phone to cheat on an exam will face the usual disciplinary actions.
    • The school currently has limited bandwidth. We are looking into increasing our bandwidth, however at this time in order to prioritize instructional use of our very limited bandwidth (the equivalent of five home modems) student access to the wireless system is not available.
    • Electronic devices used in the library should not be used in a way that causes any disruptions in the library. If the librarians are spending their time monitoring students on cell phones and consequently cannot fulfill their duties as librarians, then we will reverse our decision to allow electronic devices in the library.
    • Any students caught with a cell phone in their possession during any exam will receive an automatic zero and may face further disciplinary charges.
    • To ensure the integrity of New York State assessments, the State Education Department prohibits all students from bringing cell phones and certain other electronic devices into a classroom or other location where a New York State assessment is being administered. Click here to view this policy.
    • If an emergency arises and the student needs to make a phone call, he/she may go to an Assistant Principal's office. The student will be given access to a phone and privacy to make a phone call. If an emergency arises and a parent needs to contact their child during the school day, they can call the Parent Coordinator or their child's guidance counselor.
    • Any cell phone or electronic device that is confiscated will be returned according to the following schedule (For a first or second offense, parents can pick up the electronic device before the scheduled pick up day. However, please call Ms. Loukissas ahead of time at 718-817-7791 so that she can have the device ready for you.
                1. First Offense
                  • Confiscated on Monday - returned on Friday, from 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ONLY.
                  • Confiscated on any other day - returned on the following Friday, from 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ONLY.
                  • If school is closed on a Friday, devices will be distributed on the following Monday, from 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ONLY.
                2. Second Offense
                  • Same schedule as above but held for one extra week.
                3. Third Offense
                  • Held for three (3) weeks - Parental Pick Up Required.
                4. Fourth Offense
                  • Returned on the first day of the new term.
                5. Fifth Offense (or greater)
                  • Returned on the last day of school in June.
                Devices are picked up in room 032.
                • Repeated offenses will result in disciplinary actions.

                Cutting Classes, Detention and Suspension of Student Privileges

                • Students are expected to attend every class for which they are scheduled. When a student is marked present in school and absent from class, a "cut" is generated. Please be aware that cutting is often an early indication of a developing problem and is therefore treated very seriously by the faculty and staff. Students are assigned detention for infractions of the cutting policy. Students who "cut" a test or quiz will earn a "0" (see Absence from Exams in the Student Handbook). Students and parents receive a weekly e-mail report detailing their absences, cuts and detentions, and students receive a printed copy of this report as well in homeroom each week. For the detention schedule, check the Bronx Science website under Daily Announcements.
                • Suspension of student privileges and further information about cuts and detention can be found in the Student Handbook.

                Academic Honesty Policy

                Academic dishonesty refers to all forms of cheating including but not limited to: passing someone else’s work off as your own, giving another student your work, using any sort of aid in an examination, looking at another student’s examination during a test and/or the possession of any sort of prohibited electronic device during a test.


                Copying from the text or any other source OR copying other students’ work OR giving your work to another student.

                ·       Penalty:          

                ·         1st offense      Zero for the assignment.  Parents notified. Incident recorded in Dean’s File.

                ·         2nd offense     Same as 1st offense and 5 deans detentions, meet with Assistant Principal

                ·         3rd offense      Same as 1st offense and pre-suspension with Principal 

                CHEATING ON EXAMS

                ·       Penalty:          

                ·         1st offense      Zero for the test.  Parents notified. Incident recorded in Deans’ File. 

                ·         2nd offense     Pre-suspension with the Principal. Repeated offenses may result in colleges being notified during a student’s senior year at Bronx Science.


                ·       Penalty: Zero on exam, incident recorded in Deans’ File, pre-suspension hearing with Principal which may result in detentions, suspension and/or reporting to colleges


                Citing non-existing sources, excerpting primary and/or secondary sources with no credit given.

                This also includes: entire paper or research is fraudulent, invented by student or taken wholesale from the Internet, another student, or any other source OR giving your work to another student.

                Penalty: Zero for project.  Parents notified. Suspension possible.  Colleges to be notified at the Principal’s discretion.  Incident recorded in Deans’ File.

                Repeat offenders will face further disciplinary action.

                Building/School Yard Protocol

                • All students must carry their ID card at all times. They must swipe in every time they enter or exit the building during the school day, including entering and exiting from the courtyard during lunch periods. 
                • Students who do not have their ID will not be able to go outside for lunch or free periods. Students who use another student’s ID card to leave the building will receive detentions. 
                • Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves in the Cafeteria, classrooms, and every other area of the building and school yard. Students who are not throwing away their garbage and/or littering could face disciplinary action.
                • Students may not eat food anywhere in the building except the Cafeteria, including food brought in from outside. Students found eating food in classrooms or the hallway will be subject to disciplinary action. Students with no lunch period may eat cold food (i.e. a sandwich) in their classroom; however, all garbage must be thrown away.
                • The use of tobacco products of any kind is not permitted on school property, including the streets surrounding the school building. This is the law. Violation of this law will lead to suspension.
                • Students may not play games of chance (such as cards, betting) on school property.
                • Students are expected to attend all classes, respect one another and the physical plant of the Bronx High School of Science. Any student who violates Bronx Science Regulations or Department of Education Regulations may be suspended from school. In addition to being suspended, participation in after school activities and participation in PSAL events may be revoked. Further information can be found in the Student Handbook.

                Dress Code

                Given that school is a place of learning, and in order to maintain a positive educational environment, it is important that a certain standard of dress be maintained. Students are expected to dress appropriately, modestly, and in good taste. It is the obligation of all students to maintain their personal appearance in a manner that reflects well on themselves and on the school community. Therefore, proper school attire should not be revealing, lewd, or so extreme as to create a disturbance to the educational environment. Students who arrive to school dressed inappropriately will have their parents/guardians contacted. If the situation cannot be remedied, students may not be permitted to attend classes and may be sent home.

                Students must follow the following school dress code at all times or risk disciplinary action:

                     Undergarments must not be visible.

                     Bare midriffs on are not permitted.

                     Low cut tops are not permitted.

                     Strapless tops are not permitted.

                     Underwear may not be visible while standing or sitting.

                    Shorts and skirts should be at mid-thigh or lower, preferably slightly above the knee. Guideline: The length should not be higher than the ends of your fingertips when your arms are extended straight down.

                The following are not permitted inside the school:

                   Hats, hoods, bandannas, other headgear, or sunglasses are not allowed as per Chancellor's Regs. Exceptions are made for head coverings for religious purposes.

                   Clothing that is suggestive, lewd, or with pictures or slogans that are obscene, promote drug use or other illegal behavior, or that degrade religion or race or sexuality are banned.

                Any other mode of dress which is deemed offensive by school officials or which interferes with the educational process is likewise prohibited. Students found to be in violation of any of the above dress code policies will be given the option to cover up either with their sweater or jacket or to have their parent bring appropriate attire to school for the student to wear. The student will be referred to his/her guidance counselor to have a conversation regarding the potential problems posed by such dressing both in school as well as while traveling around the city on buses and subways. For multiple infractions, students will have their parents notified and will face disciplinary action.

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