In order to graduate with a Bronx Science diploma, every student must complete required courses and the following New York State Regents exams must be passed:
  • English
  • Global History
  • U.S. History
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Integrated Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2 & Trigonometry
  • a Regents in any World Language

Bronx Science emphasizes a well rounded student, and each department is staffed by an outstanding faculty that is committed to teaching excellence.

Bronx Science Alumni - Our alma mater's mission is "To provide educational and social opportunities that are unique for gifted and talented students so as to prepare them for meaningful and useful roles in science and society."

Clubs - Our clubs can range from ethnic clubs to clubs of organizations representing particular ideas and interests. Each year new clubs are chartered.

Teams - Science is proud to have a wide variety of teams and to be able to say that in addition to Baseball, Basketball and Soccer teams, it also is home to successful Bowling, Fencing, Handball, Gymnastics, Debate, Chess, Robotics and many others.

Staff - The faculty strives to provide our students not only with "the facts" but also with the ability to think and reason on a high level and develop original "facts" through an emphasis on original research.

Required Courses, Honors Classes, Advanced Placement Courses, and Elective Courses - Bronx Science offers a well rounded foundation in English, Biology, Physical Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, World Language, The Arts, Technology, Health and Physical Education as well as Advanced Placement, College Level, Honor Courses and an extensive selection of Electives.

Affiliations - Bronx Science has collaborations and affiliations with Colleges and Universities, Scientific Organizations, Medical Organizations and businesses.

Shows & Concerts - The Music Department has four performance ensembles: Chorus, Concert Band, Jazz Band and Orchestra. These ensembles work together to produce two annual concerts, generally scheduled in December and May. Concerts are open to the entire Bronx Science community and are also open to the public. Opportunities to perform outside of the Bronx Science campus are explored each school year. There are usually two plays each year, one of which is a musical.

College Opportunities -
  • The Bronx High School of Science's College Office provides information about Open Houses at Colleges and Universities.
  • Information about Scholarships to Colleges and Universities is available in the College Office and in Naviance.
  • Summer Opportunities at Colleges and Universities are encouraged and information is promulgated from The Guidance Department website, in Naviance, department offices and on the Bronx Science Web site.
  • Each year a college fair is held which gives students the opportunity to discuss the offerings of a large number of colleges with their representatives in a comfortable setting at Science.
  • Bronx Science hosts representatives from colleges and universities throughout the year.
  • The representatives address students in small groups during the school day and are available to answer questions on an individual basis.

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