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English Department Policies:

1.     Classes begin when the bell rings. All personal business is to be taken care of before or after class. No passes to attend to other business during English class time will be honored.

2.     Use of phones in class is forbidden, unless the teacher approves. Sometimes phones are used for instruction (eg when we play Kahoot!) and research; know the rules and routines and using technology in the classroom and for class work. Teachers may set guidelines about the use of study group web pages and students are honor bound to abide by them. 

3.    We focus on preparing students to feel comfortable and confident when they engage in academic discourse. Students are graded on “participation,” which includes not only speaking, in small and large groups, but also being physically and mentally present in the lesson from bell to bell, doing classwork to the best of your ability, using appropriate eye contact and body language, making timely transitions, attending to announcements and tone of voice, and showing respect for classmates, the teacher and the environment in the classroom. 

3.     Our academy honesty policy will be strictly enforced. It is our responsibility to teach you what it means to plagiarize. It is your responsibility to attribute sources of information and to follow our policy closely. Fraudulent papers and copying another’s work will not be tolerated, nor will be providing one’s work to another, unless you are directed to peer edit during class. Review the academic honesty policy in the school handbook.


ATTENDANCE & PUNCTUALITY: Regular class attendance  from bell to bell is essential to learning.

You cannot participate fully if you do not attend regularly. Cutting will be reported immediately. The school policy is that if you arrive late for school, it counts as a cut (unless you have an excuse from Vallo or the MTA). Missing school for family trips on school days violates the state’s education law and such absences count as cuts. Make 100% attendance your goal. Be “in it to win it!” and be there on time for an optimal participation grade. If you are ill or have a family emergency, please keep the lines of communication open and provide a note from home or from a medical provider to the attendance office. 

ADHERENCE TO DEADLINES: Meeting deadlines is a key college and career readiness skill.

Attend SGI for help with work; some teachers may require it if your grades indicate the need. The school policy is to encourage or require SGI for those earning under an 85%. 


HOMEWORK: Timely completion of reading assignments is essential. Keep in mind that we often start as a “do now” with a check for understanding of the homework reading. Late homework will not be accepted except in cases of documented legitimate emergency (when you must submit it upon return along with your absence note). The purpose of homework is to build on what is learned in class or to prepare for the next lesson. If you are absent from class, your homework remains due on the regular date. Exchange emails with a classmate and/or make sure you can access the class webpage. Some teachers use the class page at this site to inform you about homework, while others use Google Classroom, and still others do not post homework online. Know the rituals and routines of your classroom and stay organized. 


ASSESSMENTS: Tests, quizzes, essays, Socratic Seminars, Face Off Debates and various projects and other assessments must be submitted on the day they are due. Late work can earn no more than a 75%, at the discretion of the teacher. 


GRADES FOR ENGLISH CLASSES  (updated on Pupil Path at least every two weeks):

ASSESSMENTS                      60%

HOMEWORK                          15%

PARTICIPATION:                 10%

MIDYEAR/FINAL:                7/8%

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. Tests & Quizzes:
- Tuesday is a Test Day in the English Department. You will be given a minimum of 24 hours notice for a Test and all Quizzes are unannounced.
-- If a student's phone is seen or heard during the administration of an exam then he or she is to receive a "0" score.
- Review sessions for tests will take place on the Monday before an exam.

2. Late Assignments:
- Excused Late Work: Approved Note for absence/lateness. No penalty.
- Unexcused Late work: No late work will receive a grade higher than 75% of its earned value. 

3. Small Group Instruction (SGI)
- When and Where?: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 10th Period, Room 220
- Why?: Stop by to receive extra help, collect work, or ask any additional questions.

Standard Email Format
Subject: Class Title and Period
Beginning: Dear Mr. Chillemi,
Middle: Content(s) of email 
End: Sincerely, [Your Name]

5. Google Classroom: 
- I will use Google Classroom for announcements, materials, recommended readings, and both major and in-class assignments.  You must log into the correct course to receive updates.

1. Essay Submission Policy:
Unless otherwise stated - All electronic essays must be submitted through
You must create an account on 
Click on your class page for the Class ID and Enrollment Password (chillemi).

[This part will be updated soon]

2. Please be aware that grades posted on PupilPath/Skedula will dramatically fluctuate in the first few weeks of this semester.

3. A grade of 85 or higher is considered Mastery. This applies to assignments and the cumulative grade.

4. All Essay and Research projects are to be completed using the Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting style. For a convenient guide to MLA citations see:

Online sources - such as images, audio, and video - can be cited using this guide:

Helpful site on Writing from UChicago:

5. Common Core Info:

English Teacher

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