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The Bronx Science Speech and Debate Team Dominated the Bronx Fall Local

During the weekend of November 23, 2019, the team dominated at the Bronx Fall Local. Click the headline to read about the team's successes.

The team of Victoria Sanchez (’22) and Khandker Shabnan Habib (’22) championed the Junior Varsity Public Forum category. The team of Nicholas Tappe (’22) and Sahil Hosalli (’22) placed 4th and the team of Mia Goldberg (’22) and Olivia Lin (’22) placed 5th. The teams of Genevieve Morange (’22) & Harper Prentice (’22), Farhan Naqib (’22) & Stephen Ogunbiyi (’22), David Kamenetz (’22) & Issay Nikki (’22), Skye Lam (’22) & William Wang (’22), Alexandra Oh  (’22) & Emilia Pelegano-Titmuss (’22) all had a winning record as well. Khandker Shabnan Habib (’22) earned 1st speaker, Victoria Sanchez (’22) earned 3rd speaker, and Genevieve Morange (’22) earned 10th speaker.

Rusem Paul (’23) championed the Novice Lincoln-Douglas category. Nora Sissenich (’23) placed 4th and Muntaha Rashid (’23) had a winning record.

The team of Carson Michel (’23) and Vivian Yellen (’23) championed the Novice Public Forum category. The team of Katia Anastas (’23) and Sela Emery (’23) placed 5th and the team of Dylan Macleod (’23) and Felix Odenthal (’23) placed 8th. The teams of Bon Lau and Evan Li, Aaminah Bukhari (’23) & Faryll Jaffee-Lakatos (’23), Asuka Koda (’23) & Andrew Morrissey (’23), Hannah Nadler (’23) & Regan Toriello (’23), Mary Dimyan (’23) & Daniella Roberts (’23), Matthew Ostapenko (’23) & Jayden Singh (’23), Jemima Eastwood (’23) & Alyssa Shore (’23) and Elizabeth Matta (’23) & Karishma Ramkarran (’23). Additionally, Vivian Yellen (’23) earned 1st speaker and Carson Michel (’23) earned 5th speaker.

In Congressional Debate, Dinah Landsman (’23) placed 2nd, Samantha Chklovskii (’23) placed 4th, and Taj Jethwani-Keyser (’23) placed 5th. Eyenain Misgar (’23), Anindita Das (’23), and Zubayer Mahbub (’23) also broke to finals.

In Junior Varsity Lincoln-Douglas, Leo Matthes (’22) placed 2nd and Sophia Augustin (’22) placed 3rd. Emily Shang (’22), Nicolas Kim (’22) and Joleen Chen (’22) all had winning records.

Congratulations to all speakers and debaters!

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