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The Bronx Science Boys Cross Country Team wins the PSAL City Championship

The Boys XC team captured the PSAL City Championship title in a dominating performance at Van Cortlandt Park during the weekend of November 9, 2019. Click the headline to read about the champions and their performances.

The Wolverines were expected to challenge the defending two-time champion, Susan Wagner, who were heavy favorites at the beginning of the year to repeat and win their third straight title.  But no expected the complete domination that took place. The upset-minded Bronx Science team, who had performed well throughout the season, went in knowing that there was little margin for error. 

Behind the exceptional 1-2 combo of Sawyer Cooper (16:32) and Nate Lentz (16:34), the boys got the early lead, which everyone expected. But when Itamar Pres became the third Bronx Science runner to go sub-17:00 crossing the line at 16:51, good for a 5th place overall finish, the boys started to feel victory within their grasp. 

Shmuel Padwa, in easily the biggest and best surprise of the entire race, came a few seconds later from nowhere to finish 10th overall at 17:00.  With four runners in the city's top-10, the team looked poised to take the title.  It was just a matter of getting the 5th across in a respectable time to complete the scoring. 

At 17:20, Wyatt Morgan sealed the deal and secured Bronx Science's title.  Rounding out the varsity 7 times were sophomore standouts, Sean Kerrigan (17:36) and John Luk Payne (17:56). 

The Wolverines will look to defend their title next year paced by the No.1 returner in Itamar Pres and his pack of sophomore standouts, five of whom are already ranked inside the top 50 in NYC.

While Susan Wagner will again be the favorites to start next year, this year is proof that no one can ever write off the Wolverines of Bronx Science. 

Congratulations on the City Title. The boys will now prepare for the State Federation Meet where they will go up against the best of the state.  

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