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The 2019 Course Selection Process at Bronx Science for Current Students

Talos, our new course selection program, opened on Thursday, February 28th and closed on Thursday, April 11th at 9AM. Click the headline to access the 2019 Course Guide and to view details and an updated timeline of the process (presentation available in 中文 , 한국어 , Español , বাংলা ).

Click here to access the *2019 Course Guide.  
Look through it to read about the courses offered at Bronx Science for the 2019-2020 school year.  
Please note graduation requirements and program planning guidelines begin on page 49.
*The Course Guide is only available in English.  

Click here to access the Bronx Science Research Program presentation (presented at Coffee With The Principal on February 26, 2019).

Click here to access an overview of the **course selection process and timeline (this is the presentation from the January 30th Coffee With The Principal meeting for parents/guardians).  ​​​​​​​

**Updated Course Selection Process Timeline as of April 8, 2019
  • Thursday, February 28 - Talos opens.  Students will be able to view all pre-approved courses.  (Students have received instructions on how to access Talos and can now register for classes.)
  • Monday, March 11, is Elective Day, which begins at the start of 9th period through the end of 10th period.
  • By Friday, March 15, applications are due to departments for special permission courses (if a student was not pre-approved for a course and is interested in applying for the course).  Students were emailed information on how to apply through Talos.
  • New Date  Thursday, April 11- Talos registration closes at 9AM
  • Summer- Students receive preliminary programs for the 2019-2020 school year by email.
  • When school begins in September, students will receive their finalized programs and programs cannot be changed.​​​​​​​

Presentation in 中文

Presentation in 한국

Presentation in Español 


Presentation in বাংলা​​​​​​​

Instructions for Students on how to Apply for Special Permission Classes

Students can apply for special permission classes for next year. All applications will be done through Talos. Students do not need to fill out paper applications for any special permission classes.

Please follow the instructions below to apply for a special permission class:
  • On your homepage or dashboard, on your right hand side, you will see a list of all the special permission classes you have received permission for already (if any).
  • Below that list, you will find the "Course Application" section.
  • In that field, press the "apply" button to apply for special permission classes.
  • On the next screen, you will pick from the drop down list, the course you want to apply for and give a brief explanation of why you are applying.
  • You must submit separate applications for each class you wish to apply to.
  • For sophomore research, you must answer the additional questions listed in order to be considered.
  • The deadline to apply for courses is March 15 at 3PM. 
  • The pending status will change to either accepted or denied based on whether you got into the class or not so check back to see the status of your application.
You may also now save your program (what we used to call submit on Naviance). You will be able to save your program as often as you want. The updated deadline to save your final program is April 11 at 9AM.
Please talk to your guidance counselor or any of the assistant principals if you have any questions.

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