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Bronx Science has 13 Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholars

Congratulations to the 13 Bronx Science senior research students who were named Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholars: Leon Aharonian, Daniel Brous, Alex Chen, William Chen, Joseph Doraid, Nathan Felmus, Chloe Frajmund, Anika Kalra, Olga Khmelnitsky, Yea Won Lee, Annie Liu, Kevin Liu, and Eli Zerof. On January 9, 2019, Society for Science & the Public and Regeneron announced the 300 students named as Scholars in the Regeneron Science Talent Search, the nation's oldest and most prestigious science and math competition for high school seniors. For further information, click the headline.

Leon AharonianA Comfortable Shirt that Uses Machine Learning to Generate Posture Defining Coordinate Transforms Based on Electrical Resistance from Stretch Sensors

Daniel BrousUsing a Quantum Equilibrium Ensemble to Uncover the Effects of Cage Flexibility on the Diffusion of Hydrogen Gas in Clathrate Hydrates

Alex ChenExploring Bipartisanship in Congress Through Bill Content: A Novel Application of Political Typology

William ChenComputational Modeling of Novel Energy Storage Modules Using Iteration-Based Quantum Marcus Theory Equations in Applications of Alternative Energy

Joseph DoraidRapid and Cost-Effective Paper-Plastic Microchip for Molecular Detection of Hepatitis C Virus for Use in Low and Middle Income Countries

Nathan FelmusDoes Group-Level Institutionalization Affect Conflict Behavior? A Study of Trends in African Communal Groups

Chloe FrajmundThe Relationship Between State Mandated HIV/AIDS and/or Sex Education in Public Schools and HIV Outcomes in the Southern States of the United States

Anika KalraThe Use of Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors to Treat Neurovascular Degeneration

Olga Khmelnitsky:  Ionosporus: A New Genus for Boletus longipes (Boletaceae), with a New Species, I. australis, from Australia

Yea Won LeeThe Association Between Occupation and Non-Specific Psychological Distress in a Nationally-Representative Survey, 2004-2017

Annie LiuA New Protein Subcellular Localization Framework to Develop Treatment Approaches for Protein Dysfunctional Diseases Based on Convolutional Neural Network and Ensemble Learning

Kevin LiuVariations in the Signal Sequence of HIV and its Impact on Phenotype of the Virus

Eli ZerofModern Political Sophistication: A Look at the Quality of Discourse During #MeToo

Congratulations to the 13 Bronx Science senior research students who were named Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholars.  For further information about the Regeneron Science Talent Search and to see a full list of the 2019 STS Scholars, click here.

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