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2019 Midyear Schedules and Information

Uniform midyears begin on Friday, January 18, 2019. Click the headline for further information and to access the In Class and Uniform midyears schedules. Note that room assignments for Uniform midyears will be posted throughout the school during Uniform midyear week.

2019 In Class and Uniform Midyears​​​​​​​

  • In Class Midyears 
    • In Class Midyears begin on Monday, January 7, through Thursday, January 17, 2019 - click here for the 2019 In Class Midyear Schedule, located on the January 2019 school calendar
      • Students follow their regular schedule for In Class Midyears
      • Students will have an In Class Midyear OR a Uniform Midyear in each subject
      • 9th grade students/parents, please note that most 9th grade students will be taking Uniform Midyears with the exception of world languages - all world language classes have In Class midyears except for second and third year Spanish (Honors 3rd year Spanish has an In Class midyear)
  • Uniform Midyears
    • Click here​​​​​​​ for the 2019 Uniform Midyears Schedule (Friday, January 18 through Friday, January 25, 2019)
    • Students only attend school when they have a scheduled exam
      • For example, if a student's exam is scheduled at 10:15 AM, he/she arrives at school before the scheduled time of the exam and leaves when the exam is over

  • Uniform Midyears Information
    • Please remember that all materials must be placed in the student's locker except for items needed to take the exam
      • Students need to make sure that they can access and lock their locker - if the locker isn't working, student must submit the repair form as soon as possible here
      • Students will not be admitted into a Uniform Midyear exam with bags, backpacks, books, water bottles, electronic devices (includes cell phones and smart watches)

    • Room assignments for Uniform Midyears will be posted throughout the school during Uniform midyear week.

    • Students must bring their ID to the exam room

    • The cafeteria will be open and operating on a normal schedule, however the lunch menu will be modified (eg. sandwiches and salads).

    • If a student takes a private bus service, please check with the company for its Uniform Midyears week schedule.

    • Students can wait in the student cafeteria if they have an extended period of time between exams (for example, 1st exam at 10:15 AM and 2nd exam at 2:05 PM)
      • We need to make sure that students taking exams are not disturbed

    • Once students have completed their exam(s), they need to exit the building.

Please be aware of the following rules which pertain to all midyear, final and Regents exams.  All these rules can be found in the student handbook/planner.

The rules for absence from these exams are as follows:

  1. Students with valid documented excuses (for example, doctor's note, court summons, etc.) will receive credit out of 100%.
  2. Decisions regarding other excuses will be made on a case-by-case basis, and may result in receiving credit out of 70%.
Inappropriate behavior during any exam, including cheating, will result in a zero on the test and a pre-suspension hearing, which may result in detentions, suspensions and/or reporting to colleges.  Possession of electronic devices, including cell phones and smart watches, will be considered cheating.

During uniform midyear exam week  (
Note that room assignments for Uniform Midyears will be posted throughout the school during Uniform midyear week)

  • Students need to make sure that they leave enough time to arrive at Bronx Science at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled test.  Catching an earlier train/bus will enable students to arrive to their testing room on time.  

  • Students need to bring their ID to the testing room.

  • Students need two number 2 pencils and whatever other test materials are required. Students should bring their own calculator (without the cover) if permitted. Students need to check with their teacher to confirm. Remember that the only items allowed in the room are pencil/pen, approved calculator WITHOUT the cover and ID.  No bags, backpacks, books, water bottles, electronic devices (includes cell phones and smart watches).

Students who arrive late (for any reason) will not be given the full testing time.

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