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SGI (Small Group Instruction)

Students who want to meet with their teacher may visit their teacher's SGI class on any day their teacher is scheduled. Teacher schedules for SGI are posted outside each department office or students may ask their teacher. Click the headline for further information.

Some students will be scheduled for SGI because his/her teacher feels that they need help.  These students are REQUIRED to attend SGI.  We attempt to schedule students with their own teacher, when this is not possible students are scheduled for SGI with another teacher in the same discipline.  

Students who have questions about SGI should speak to their regular teacher. 

Students who are scheduled for SGI will be informed by E-MAIL through their Bxscience account.. The changes will appear on student schedules in PupilPath. If you receive an email stating that you have a schedule change you must check PupilPath to see the change. 

It is your responsibility to check your email and PupilPath regularly.

IF YOU ARE SCHEDULED FOR SGI YOU MUST ATTEND.  Failure to attend will result in a CUT in SGI and a detention will be assigned.

REMINDER: Please remember to check PupilPath regularly to monitor your (or your child's) progress.  To make it easier to follow your progress you may download an "app" for your Android or Apple phone by going to the app store on your phone.

SGI Schedule

Tuesday  Social Studies, English, Music, Biology, Physical Science, Art, Health, Technology, Physical Education
Wednesday  Physical Science, Math, English, World Language, Music
Thursday  Math, World Language, Social Studies, Biology, Art, Health, Technology, Physical Education

Visit the Departments' webpages for detailed SGI scheduling.

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